Wednesday, August 24, 2005


If you haven't been following Margene's posts on clutter....make time and go read them. She is eerily on the mark with my own issues.

I dreamed last night about blogging. I was somewhere, and the subject of local knit blogs came up. A woman said, "Do you read 'Sahara Knits'?" and one or two of the women said they did and they really enjoyed it. I blushed....opened my mouth to say, "That's my blog!" when the first woman said

"Yeah, I used to read her....but she whines too much......and she doesn't have pictures."

Then I woke up.

Knitting content: I finished the two-color multidirectional scarf for my son a day or so ago. Pic will be forthcoming as soon as I get the ends woven. This took a lot longer than the first, and I'm not sure I can pinpoint why. The color changes were every other row, not complex or anything. I can tell you...I got sick of it before I finished it. But, The Boy is happy....and that is what really counts, right?

Started another pattern from the Yahooh Multidirectional Knitting group, The Zig Zag scarf. This one in Kureyon too...greens, yellows, oranges with a little pink and purple. Honestly? eh. It's okay. Probably won't make more than one. Much more likely to make more of the original multidirectional scarf for gifts. This is good break time knitting. I can pick up either of these patterns and just see where I am .... no need to consult pattern or chart. This also makes it handy to ride in the front seat with me while commuting....Why I feel so pleased at nabbing a few rows at stoplights is beyond me, but it pleases me immensely.

Soon as my Heartstrings pattern arrives, I will be casting on for the Hanging Vines scarf. I have two hanks of laceweight from KnitPicks...plenty for a scarf. Hmm....maybe I'd better be scouting out needles...I know I won't be using Denise's with the laceweight, that was a I'm I have the right size needles? If I do....can I find them?

Ever sit at work (or wherever) and think about knitting? Am I the only one?


margene said...

I am constantly thinking about knitting (and blogging)! I knit every chance I's almost like an addiction, but a healthy one, no?

Robbyn said...

I think about knitting all the time - yarn, colors, patterns, etc. I once had a dream where guests at a dinner party were seated according to the stitch pattern of a lace tablecloth.

No, it didn't make sense to me either :)