Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Weekend From Hell

Surfing around this a.m., I see that my household was not the only one hit with one of those weekends.

Last Wednesday, my youngest came a'knocking at my door at about 1 a.m.....sick, puky....and proceeded to repeat the process about 10 times from 1-6 a.m. Sick as a dog...ate nothing but one piece of toast the next day. This is a boy who eats unendingly....who was willing to eat only one piece of toast all day. That tells you just how bad it was.

Friday afternoon, his sister comes down with it. Friday night....Jodie and the 17-year-0ld are ensconced in separate bathrooms, ralphing in tandem. The twist is...Jodie is diabetic.

Take a diabetic, add the flu....not good. I ended up calling the ambulance at about 3 a.m. We spent over 4 hours in ER and two liters of fluid, multiple rounds of phenergan and I don't remember what else, we went home to spend an exhausted Saturday.

Sunday night....it hit me. Missed work yesterday...and while I made it to work today, my back is out from retching so hard all night.

Seems the planets were misaligned for more than my little household....the blog world this a.m. is full of injuries and ills.

I did knit a bit in ER Friday night....but only enough to realize...I don't like what I'm knitting. I am using luscious, and I do mean luscious, 50% silk/50% merino from Spirit Trail and was knitting another Branching Out. I don't like the combination...the yarn is too soft if that makes any sense. I can't articulate it better...it just isn't working. So today, I'm gonna rip it out. Hit the web a bit for another pattern to try. Could be, this yarn is too soft for a lace pattern...does anyone have any thoughts on that? I don't think blocking would solve the problem.....I wish I could describe what I mean in a better way... does anyone get what I mean here???

If this weekend was ugly for you too....my sincere condolences. If you had a great weekend....well, you are a lucky gal (or feller).


Ryan said...

And I thought WE had a bad weekend! It sounds like nothing now, compared to yours.

Hope you are all feeling better. Fluids, fluids, fluids!

Oh, and say hi to Jodie for me, even though she doesn't know me...

Robbyn said...

Yep - it does sound like the universe shrugged this weekend, doesn't it? Hope you're all on Recovery Rd.

About the too soft yarn - for me, a too soft yarn is somewhat difficult to work with, won't hold the pattern shape very well and is often somewhat lifeless. It might also be very beautiful, but it is difficult to deal with alone. Perhaps it would work better teamed up with another yarn of some sort?

Bliss said...

Wow - hope you're feeling better now. This weekend was a weird one. My DIL and I were in local ER's at the same time, about 30 miles apart.

Elaine said...

For the too soft yarn, I am using something similar for the waterfall pattern from the local LYS (http://acornstreet.com/). They are offering it as a class (no help to you in OR) but they let me buy the pattern for 4.00