Thursday, August 18, 2005

Well.....Isn't This....Disappointing.

I'm not in a good mood today...Norma is blaming the moon for her own case of the crankies...and I'm not too proud to jump on that bandwagon. I'm cranky. I'm oversensitive and overtired as well. It's not pretty.

Last night we went to Barnes & Noble. I made up my mind I would treat myself...I would get the book "Modular Knits" I mentioned earlier this week. They had it....I snatched it off the shelf...flipped through.....and put it back. I know I'm not in a good mood and I will have to revisit it later, but right now...bleh. I am disappointed. The yahoo group for multidirectional knitting is gushing buckets...but, excuse my sarcasm, is that becase the moderator is the author of the book? I enjoyed the multidirectional scarf soooooo much...I had really looked forward to the book. Then spied Nicky Epstein's new "Knitting Over The Edge".....and put it back too. So I wandered over to the magazine section....and was equally unimpressed. Nothing "grabbed" me.

That was when it hit me...I'm cranky. When I go to the bookstore...with cash in my pocket and "permission" from myself to spend....and nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, looks good to me...there is a problem with my attitude.

In parenting there are many opportunities to tell your children (one way or another) "change your attitude!" Right now, I am sincerely regretting ever saying anything of the sort...because I can't seem to change my attitude and I'm supposedly an adult.

I gave myself permission to purchase something, I have the cash for it....and I can't find anything because I am in such a crappy mood. So...Question of the do you get yourself out of the doldrums...the crankies....the "I feel sorry for myself for no good reason's"??


Robbyn said...

There is a passage in T.H. White's "The Once and Future King" where Merlin instructs a similarly cranky Wart to "Learn something" and goes on to explain that in addition to distracting you from your current funk, learning something enhances your knowledge base and your world view. And it will never betray you.

Works for me :)

Ryan said...

You may not like my answer but it's "exercise, exercise, exercise." I am NOT an exerciser but many years ago, when I went through the most difficult part of my life to date, the only thing that kept me going was joining a little hole-in-the-wall gym and exercising. Of course, as soon as things started to look up again, I quit exercising and never looked back but, still, I say get out and walk, even if just for a little while. It will help.

Elaine said...

when it gets really bad, I go here and push the red button.

ignore the little ads at the bottom, it's all about the little guy in the bubble.

Sometimes I push the button over and over again.

Donna said...

Oh, the crankies!
Knitting books in general are pissing me off this week.
90% of them never get released in Australia, so I have to go to Amazon. If I'm lucky, they have a "Take a look inside" feature. But have you ever noticed that the look inside shows you a fat lot of *nothing*? It takes me hours to decide which books I wanted. Last month I finally picked out 3. They arrived last week. They are crap. well, not crap, but not what I wanted. If I had been able to pick them up and look through them, I would never have bought them. Knitting books. Pissing me off.

Bliss said...

So we are putting perfectly good knitting books back on the shelf. (makes a note) We have given ourselves permission to purchase books, but no books were purchased. (makes a note) You do realize if you pass up the opportunity to purchase yarn, we will be forced to call in the professionals. :0)