Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Stupid Scarf

Pardon, my angst is showing again....

I am 1-2 repeats away from the binding off of Branching Out. I have mucked up the last few rows again and again....and again. Just now, I spent my 15 minute break merrily knitting...then frogging...then reknitting...then frogging....Argh. I say 1-2 repeats because the pattern indicates you *should* get 27 repeats out of a hank of Silky Wool....but I am wondering if I have enough yarn left. Made up my mind I would do one more repeat and then decide to do the five rows of garter and bind off or continue on.

As soon as I decided that....couldn't knit worth a hoot. I can usually get a 10-row repeat done on my break, give or take a bit. I ended up frogging everything I had done.

I think I am distracted, you know? Sheesh.

I think my knitting is putting me back in my place, is what I think. I had these ideas, you see. "Hmm, I'm almost done with branching out...maybe when I go home at lunch, I can pick up the Cascade 220 and needles for the Sofie...."

Apparently Branching Out is miffed that I am already looking elsewhere before she's finished....and is stalling.

Today is day 2 of a 12-day-in-a-row workweek. Now, honestly, I won't have to work 8 hours a day every day. On the weekend, I'll just work a few hours each day. But not having a whole day off in 12 days? Can you say C-R-A-N-K-Y? Truthfully, I think I'm already cranky just anticipating it.

I found the most wonderful site....which I bookmarked for another day, far into the distant future, when I have used enough yarn from my stash and gotten my finances in order and can buy guilt free....A site that only sells sock yarn...(well, a bit more): Simply Socks Yarn Company.

Heaven, I tell you...heaven.

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Robbyn said...

Oh, lace scaqrves will do that to you :) I had one successfully stall me for more than a month. Jealous things they are, and if you don't give them the attention they feel they're due, they can bite!