Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Bound off Branching Out last night. I kept fighting it and fighting it....and finally said, you know what? I'm done with you. So I did the five rows of garter, bound off, and stuffed it in the "to be blocked" bag. Let's not talk about what else is in there. I like it, I really do like it. It just sorta p*ssed me off the last bit.

Immediately cast on for Norma's version of Sofie. I love it. I love the sturdy feel of knitting with doubled yarn on size 11 needles. I love the thick, cushiness of the fabric it is creating. I love the way the bag already has shape and can "see" how it will felt down perfectly. It is going fast...which is a good thing. I am already rethinking the Cascade 220 in my many Sofie's could I make?????

Then, there is Rogue's sister...Eris. You know I want one. But...I'm learning restraint. I scrapped Rogue for various reasons....mostly that I just didn't like the way the fabric was turning out with the yarn I chose. I really do want a Rogue. I already have the pattern for Rogue. I already have yarn that would be suitable for Rogue. I will make Rogue first. I will not even buy the pattern for Eris until The New Rogue is close to finish. And.....I will not re-start Rogue Until I Finish Ribby.
I won't.

It's time to pull up my big girl panties*. I will be responsible. I will not purchase or start another BIG (to me anyway) project when I have yet to finish Ribby.

*This is something Jodie says (always in jest, mind you) that makes me laugh hysterically. "Oh pull up your big girl panties and get over it."


Amy said...

Sounds like Jodie is helping keep life (and knitting) in perspective for you! Plus, the Ribby won't stay long on your needles once you get started again on it. I'm finding it a quick knit. Look forward to seeing your Sofie. I've got a felted bag on the needles, too, and I agree about how nice that doubled fabric on big needles feels when knitting.

Sahara said...

Mmmmm....quick for you Amy Dear.....but I'm....uh..."fluffy". I am making the tres' humongo size. Not quick for me anyway. :)