Friday, December 30, 2005

42 in 42

I saw this idea over at Supergirl Knits....And it intrigued me. I am horrid at making/keeping resolutions....But this appeals to the list maker in, tho I do not turn 42 till March, this is the first 12 of my list of 42 (no particular order):
1. Learn Magic Loop method.
2. FINISH a PAIR of socks - for ME.
3. Choreograph 3 full routines for my troupe, including a sword routine.
4. Choreograph 3 full routines for myself.
5. Perform all 3 choreographies before next December 30.
6. Get my money under control.
7. Go to 100 OA meetings.
8. Read the Chronicles of Narnia series.
9. Finish Ribby Cardi.
10. Finish The Braids Cardigan.
11. Knit my stash down by 50%.
12. Save enough money to go to Disneyland.

Lastly, where have I been? How could I have missed This site is awesome!

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