Thursday, January 06, 2005

All Is Well With My Rogue

I am enormously happy. At my afternoon break, I cast off the back of Rogue.

Wheeee....this is fun, so far anyway. We'll see how fun it is when I get to the sleeves...of which, you know, there should be two.....

#2 In The All About Me List:
Only two people in "3D" know about this blog. My partner, Em, and my dealer...I mean, LYS owner, Jasper. Actually, Jasper's sister Elizabeth probaly knows as well. However, I don't think they read me unless I send them a link to the blog. So really, it's only Em.

My children have no idea that I blog. My friends, the women in my dance classes....even my troupe! My oldest friend on earth...does not know. No relatives know. No one that I work with...although the IT guy here may...since I regularly post from work...but I don't want to think about that right now.

Nope...this is my little safety zone. Yup...y'all have wound your skeins so tight, you've landed in ...**insert Rod Serling's voice here**.....The Sahara Zone.....


Knitti-me said...

Yay Rogue!

Once we purchased our home computer last January, my husband has been reading my blog - not sure how I feel about that - I really have nothing to hide, but - you know. Anyway, he's the one who gives out the blog address - says he's proud of me. Huh?

He's an illustrator and I've been trying to encourage him to start his own blog and post his pictures.

chelsea said...

Hey, let's see a pic of that Rogue... I am about to swatch mine. :)

About bandwidth (forgive me if you've heard all this before): When you use the hyperlink function you are posting a "doorway" to another website. When someone clicks it, off they go. No stealing... in fact, any site that keeps track of how visitors are finding their site should be stoked that you are sending people their way.

But! If you post an *image* on your site and the code says something like: img src ="someone else's site/someone else's file.jpg" then it is trickier. Everytime someone looks at your page, blogger has to hit "someone else's" page to grab the image. So your viewer is using bandwidth on "s.e.'s" server just as if they were on that other page. If you are the only one to link to the image, no big deal. But it's like picking flowers in the woods... if everyone did it, we'd be screwed. "S.e's" server would be get hit everytime that image appeared anywhere on the great and kooky web, and s.e. would have to pay for it.

(It is worth noting that some folks actually want you to "hotlink" their images... If they have advertisers, it makes it look like they have lots more viewers. Most knitbloggers don't have advertisers however, so when in doubt, don't.)

To prevent this, whenever you want to put an image on your page (button, clip art, ahem... *Rogue picture*, whatever) you should save it to your own server, then post it.

I hope that helps. :)