Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Two Posts In One Day...

Now, don't be too overwhelmed by my posting twice in one day...believe me, it won't happen often!

Just a little FYI for Donna at Random Knits (no time to link, I'll do it later, I promise!) I have purchased Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride in Sable and Medievil Red, as well as the Addi's required to cast on.....the Ribby Cardi!

What do you mean, what about my UFOs? Who said anything about that?

I don't want to talk about it. Spring fever is upon me most unseasonably...we've had a warm break and I, well, I just need to do something new. So there. I'll finish Rogue and, ahem, those other things...Faina? Faina who?....really I will. Tomorrow. Or the next day, 'kay?


Donna said...

I have the pattern and some yarn for Faina's scarf in a stash box somewhere....

Anonymous said...

Hey, stop stalking and hassling me about knitalongs or I'll come over there and break your kneecaps. (see? I'm already cranky about the knitalong. I was actually kidnapped and forced into it by Nathania.) Come on, join in .... you know you wanna. Please? So I won't be the only dropout? Guffaw! -- Norma