Tuesday, January 11, 2005

To Ribby Or Not To Ribby...

Reasons I should knit the Ribby Cardi:

  1. I have liked it immensely ever since I first saw it over at ChicKnits.
  2. It would be something new and different for me to knit.
  3. If I made it for my 16yo, it wouldn't take much time/yarn since she is quite slender.
  4. If I make it for myself I could have another sweater for work, which I can always use, what with the air conditioning being perpetually on....
  5. Elann is going to have new stock of the really fun colors of Highland wool tomorrow, and the price is really reasonable.

Reasons I should just look the other way....

  1. I would have to buy yarn for it.
  2. If I make it for Kayla, I break my "this year I am knitting only for myself" promise.
  3. If I make it for myself...it will take, ahem, quite a bit of yarn...
  4. It's knit flat and you know how I feel about THAT!
  5. I don't honestly know what it would look like on a short, "fluffy" woman.
  6. The rib part that I like so much...could actually bore me to tears, especially if knit flat.

Okay...I've convinced myself. No Ribby at this time. However, I am definitely in a cable frenzy...and have several patterns I could whip out...Hmmm.

Speaking of cables...I decided I would treat myself to a subscription to "Twists and Turns" the cable newsletter I have frequently looked at from the Knitty site. Well....talk about fast service! I believe I subscribed Friday...and yesterday I got the Winter 2004 issue in the mail! Now that was quick!


KarenK said...

Hey there - I'm knitting the Ribby Cardi right now and don't see any reason why it can't be easily knit in one piece, at least up to the armpits, anyway, and I suppose that with a little mental dexterity I could figure out how to do the same with the arms; that would mean a minimal amt. of grafting (or seaming) under the arms, but that's all. The next ribby cardi that I make (and I'm loving the way this one is going, so there will be a "next"), I'm going to try it in the round, or at least back and forth. Also, you could do a steek too. Bonne Marie has great tips on her site on putting a zipper into a pullover, turning it into a cardigan, so one could do the same with the ribby cardi.

Sahara said...

Hmmm Karen....you're enabling me aren't you.....hmmmm.

Thanks for the suggestion of the Chicknits tech pages. she's awesome! Again, hmmmm, maybe I will give it a shot.

Like I need an excuse to buy more yarn...oh wait, I have to make sure the darn thing will fit first!!

Anonymous said...

I'm knitting the Ribby now as well. I must say it is fast - I'm knitting the all rib version. It is recommended to make one size larger than you are, if that helps. And as for the Elann wool, it is soft and beautiful and a great deal. Get some to Ribby or not.