Friday, January 28, 2005

Back To Usual...

Thanks to Ms. Norma, yesterday was Sahara Knits busiest day ever....

Now that THAT is over...back to same old, same old I am sure.

8" into the sleeves of Ribby. Loving this already...I was worried about Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride being too bulky...but so far I like it! It just "feels good." No clue how the rest of the sweater will turn out...

Rogue: Untouched. Still have to find peace and quiet to study the issue of too many stitches at the top of Chart B. With children in the house, the distraction/interruption rate is too high for that kind of concentration.

Remember that yummy Cherry Tree Hill baby loop I got on Ebay awhile back? Soon as I got it, I thought "What the dickens am I gonna do with this?" I am not much of a shawl kinda gal. I think they are beautiful...but I would forever be trailing mine around in the dirt I suspect. Then, I was perusing White Lies Designs...and I am thinking her free shrug pattern might be just the ticket. Of course, being a fluffy woman, I have to wonder what this would look like on me...argh.

Numerous, and I do mean numerous scarves are on the needles. They are my distracted knitting...when I MUST knit but the distraction rate is just too high for anything else.

The whole "Must Have Cardi" thing really got me yesterday. Not the part about Norma not only joining but hosting a KAL...though that is strange and bizarre and well...just wrong...

It was going to the KAL site...looking at the sidebar and seeing that Nathania had posted "fluffy" increase directions. I thought, hey, just the ticket!


When I really looked at it, I realized the largest size would be too small.

This was a very, very unhappy moment....both because I lust after this sweater and because, was an unpleasant reality check. I do not enjoy being obese. It robs me of a lot of wise, clothing wise...unfortunately, people wise. Yeah, I know...people are supposed to like you for who you are..however, the reality is also that human beings (beans!) also have first impressions. I have done it myself, so no room to whine about it.

Nuff of that for now. Suffice to say...Some things are changing, starting when I got on the scales this a.m. for the first time in realize I am 11 pounds HEAVIER than the last time I checked, 3 months or so ago.

Things are Must-have cardi...I must indeed have you...for more reasons than I can say.


Anonymous said...

Woohoo! You did it! And you're making it in the color I *almost* made it in, too! You're going to really love the color, I'm telling you. I got such a kick out of your entry in the KAL blog. I've been called "evil" and "damned" all over blogworld -- but in a good way. Too cute. Now, on this weight loss thing, You go girl! Keep me informed! -- Norma

Gina said...

De-lurking to say that I feel your frustration. So many great patterns, but I don't want to wrap my head around trying to make them fit me (or my sister) correctly. Could be why I haven't knit anything for myself in the 2 years I've been knitting and she's only asked for hats.

In the meantime, isn't Norma just a kick?

Anonymous said...

You are not alone in this struggle, nor in the fight against it. Hold your head up and keep it up, and you'll win in the end.