Thursday, January 27, 2005

Damn it Norma!!

Creative title...don't you think?

I wasn't planning on posting this a.m....seeing as it is 4 a.m. where I live and I'm sitting here in my nightie eating cereal. I was gonna surf blogs while I ate...with peace.

But, no.

No, Norma had to go and link me first thing in her post, right in the text. Yes, it's a compliment, definitely.

And a little pressure. To be...witty...sparkling...engaging. Oh yeah...and some kind of knit goddess as well.

Yup...all of the above describe me soooooo weelllllll. Sitting 4 my cats-from-the-front-picture, cats-from-the-back picture nightie (that's at least 5 years old, and looks it) hair straggled...face puffy...when all I can think is "Oh shit. Norma's linked me."

Let's see what we can salvage here, shall we?

I am at least in with the latest (well, almost latest since SOME PEOPLE who swore that KALS ARE THE KISS OF DEATH but then ran off BEHIND MY BACK and started on ON THE SWEATER I LUST FOR but won't FIT ME...NORMA), trend...a Ribby Cardigan.

It should be noted, I am knitting two sleeves at once for the first time. Ahem, actually, ever as I have never finished a sweater and never even cast on for a sleeve...but I digress...Two sleeves at once, for those 'second anything syndrome' challenged as myself, is a good thing. I fear to say more that the sleeves will overhear this and commence to get all fucked up.

DAMN IT NORMA! Now I am swearing in a way I would not usually...but you swear all the time and all your chic urbane friends are coming over BECAUSE YOU LINKED ME and I feel I have to blend's all your fault.

At any rate...Rogue continues...with a little hitch. I am at the top of chart B and find myself with 4 more stitches than stated in the pattern...sort of. Norma, who is holding my hand through this..., said she thinks I might not actually be wrong, so don't rip quite yet...I'm waiting for a little peace and quiet in my tiny house of Drama Queens (16yo, 10 yo and 8 yo) to work on it.

Perhaps I'll do that now....if you'll excuse me....

damn it norma.


Anonymous said...

Now, Lisa, I mean this in the nicest possible way: You're .....oh, god, this is hard, coz you and I both hate this word..... CUTE!!! YOU.MADE.ME.LAUGH. And that's a good thing. Thank you! - Norma

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of "damn it, Norma!" going on out here. Perhaps you've started a trend? I think we should all post about it.

carma said...

Lisa (& Norma) you are both CUTE and, yeah, I hate that word too.

Good luck, Lisa, on the Cardi... I'm SO not to that point yet but all of you are starting to push me in that direction! :)

Can't wait to see how it all turns out. :)