Sunday, January 16, 2005

Must-Have Cardi

This Paton's pattern has me definitely interested. At the moment, I seem to be a cable junkie. It's Bron's fault. Go blame her.

I am also thinking about the sweater on the cover of Interweave one with the two "waiter" guys? That sweater is pretty darn cool too.

Rogue? Well....we are progressing. I am doing the front cable at the throat...which I completely flubbed at one point. My nemesis, back-and-forth cables got me. The whole "purl on rs, knit on ws" kinda thing. The center of part of the cable appears to now be on the inside rather than the outside. Am I going to rip it? Heck no. My stress level has been on the roof...My coworker has been out ill all week and I have done the work of two AND tried to train someone at the same time. My left hand is bothering me...enough that I am going to make a doctor's appointment tomorrow. When you make your living don't want hand injuries. the costume. Still, again...geez. If I did not procrastinate so, I would not be in this position. Argh.


Bron said...

I'll take full responsibility - we cable junkies love the company of other addicts.

Eek! Hope your hand is ok - you're showing good judgement getting it looked at before something really goes wonky.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide on for your next cable project. :)

Anonymous said...

I like that IK cable sweater too - is that the one done with garter st rather than rev. stockinette? Garter and cables are a really, really nice combination!

The Yarnpath

Sahara said...

Hm, Robbyn...I'm not sure. I've just borrowed the mag from a friend this afternoon and I will be deciding yes or no tonight.... :) Let ya know! Lisa