Friday, January 14, 2005

Sleep Deprivation

More on the incredibly slow 100 things list:

3. I didn't start drinking coffee till I was 30. Before that, always loved the smell....But not the taste. Finally one day, good God, 10 years ago....How did that happen? Ten years...cripes.

Anyway, I was on a trip with a bunch of Church Ladies (past life...) and we stopped for coffee. Granitas were new here (Remember, I live in the boonies of Oregon) and the barista was offering free samples. Instant convert. I just needed vast amounts of sugar and cream to love coffee!

Now, I'm sort of a coffee snob, I admit. The only coffee drink I *really* enjoy from the 21,000,000 coffee places on earth is:

  • Starbucks (don't shoot me) Grande Non-Fat No Whip White Mocha
  • Starbucks Grande Cafe Vanilla Frapp

One hot coffee, one cold coffee.

At home....I am embarrassed to admit this, but I can't drink coffee without CoffeeMate French Vanilla creamer...And it HAS to be liquid, none of that crappy powder crap. Crap. That's what that is, just crap. Oh, and you know....Ahem....a little sugar.

"I need a little sugar in my bowl..." Comes to mind. ;-D

Have I mentioned I've been up since 3:15 a.m.?

4. My grandma taught me to crochet one summer when I was about 10 years old. I made a lot of .... um....Nothing. Actually, that's not true. I made enough of my own design of "lace" to trim 2 or three pillows she crocheted. I was never a big fan of crochet, preferred the look of knitted fabric even then, but, was told knitting "was too hard" and I could never learn to do it...Gee...Thanks grandma.

Again, back in my past life, I mentioned to a friend I would like to learn to knit. She jumped up, ran out of the room and returned with yarn and needles. Showed me the knit stitch. Said I picked it up faster than anyone she had ever shown before (HA grandma!). I was pregnant with Drama Queen #2 or 3 (gimme a break, it's been awhile) and I went out and bought a much too complicated layette pattern and made one pair of baby booties. That was the end of that.

Then in April 2003 I had a wee nervous breakdown. My world, my psyche, my heart, fell all to pieces. Wandering through Fred Meyer one day...Lackluster, numb, present only in body, I spotted a Lion Brand learn to knit kit. First thing that had caught and held my attention since I fell apart.

I took it home, relearned the knit stitch and taught myself to purl (the wrong way!) and made quite possibly the ugliest scarf and hat on earth. The hat was HUGE, and horrid. Really horrid. Blech horrid. Yes, that bad. But I was hooked. From there, I have checked out every knitting book in our library system on knitting at least once, and severely of them many, many times. I have begun my own well as acquired a pretty sizable stash.

Most importantly for me, I have built relationship with incredible women..Almost all on the internet, none of whom I have actually met, tho one of which I have had occasion to speak to on the phone....(hi Ryan!).


Anonymous said...

Hi, back atcha, Lisa!

Since we have been emailing each for a long time, this tells me that I must have "met" you very soon after you started knitting, am I right?

Interesting how knitting is there sometimes just right when we need it. You started knitting after your breakdown; I started knitting after 9/11; and one of my co-workers just started knitting last week after both of her dogs were killed (they got out of the house and were hit by cars) and was having trouble dealing with it. She says the knitting is really helping her. She has never knit before and is already on dishcloth #4 after one week!


Knitti-me said...

From one 5' fluffy knitter to another, I don't do coffee either unless it's hopped up on sugar and cream (love, LOVE the smell of coffee) - so I end up drinking a cup maybe five or six times a year.

Knitting to me is also a sanity keeper; but it's also an excuse - housework? Naw, I got to finish this scarf. Somewhere I'm going to have to find the balance.

Anyway, I think you're incredible Lisa.

chelsea said...

My grandmother said the *exact* same thing about knitting to me... "It is too hard." She got a cabled hat for Christmas two years ago and this year, a mohair/alpaca wrap. I kill 'em with kindness.

I became a coffee nut first via the creamandsugar route. Used to drink gallons of it at the Heathman Bakery and Pub just off the park blocks in Portland. There was a self-serve counter with all different kinds of coffee... El Salvadoran, Guatemalen, French Roast. I felt so cosmopolitan. That, and all the cool artschoolkids were doing it.

Sahara said...

Yup Ryan...we "met" on the queer knit list in the first two or three months I was knitting. You were friendly, encouraging, and kind. Earned yourself my loyalty right then and there. ;) I am soooo sorry to hear about your friends pups being heart just sank when I read that. argh. That would be very, very bad indeed.

Marie...yea short fluffy women! Unite!!! and .... drink coffee! oh, yeah, and KNIT! sigh. makes me so wish I could just meet the wonderful women I've met online at my local coffee joint and knit togehter. that would be very cool.

chelsea...would that be in the Heathman Hotel?? Stayed their once...quite upper crust as I recall, old, but well maintained. Gooooooood foooood as i recall... I'm thiking I need a trip to PDX even if it's just for the day...hmmm. Have to think on that one!