Thursday, December 22, 2005

Almost There

Second Mitt for Jodie done, ends woven and gift wrapped.

Panta for coworker.....half done. She won't get it before Christmas. It's was a last-minute effort anyway.

Realizing almost all the Christmas knitting I did was from stash! This is a Good Thing...
Jodie's Mitts: Woolie least 2 years old.
Kayla's Panta/Mitts: Cascade 220 Quadto, 1 years old
Mary's Panta/Mitts: " " "
Mike's ribbed mitts: Wool Ease, probably 3 years old.
Co-worker's Panta: Red/multi Tahki somethingorother...2-3 years old.
Michelle's Scarf: Fun fur and boucle, purchased specifically for this project.

Not bad, eh? Ahem...course...I could continue knitting solely from stash for quite some time if I had a mind to...If I am not mistaken, besides untold small amounts of yarns, I have enough yarn for SIX SWEATERS....EIGHT if you count the ones on needles already.

And socks? Uh, I have some sock yarn. yeah. A little. Just a bit. I don't even want to consider how many pairs I could make.

If I don't post before the holidays, hope yours is happy and peaceful.

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margene said...

You did very well by knitting from stash! I could make enough socks to fit several dozen four person families. Happy, Happy Holidays to you!!