Monday, December 19, 2005

Monday, Monday

Well, let's recap the weekend knitting:

3/4 done with the Fun Fur/boucle scarf. This now has to be worked on pretty much on breaks at work so the off-for-the-holiday-break preteen doesn't see it. If she sees it, she will instantly KNOW it is for her and I want it to be a surprise.

Off the needles: Two Panta headbands, both from Cascase Quatro. One in blues and one in greens. Green one goes with the already-complete Irish Hiking Fingerless Mitts of same yarn.

One blue IHFM off needle, needs to be seamed, second mitt cast on.

One Wool Ease Panta off needles....and disliked immensely. It just lacked......oomph. It was thin....and every inc or dec showed up in a big way. The Cascade Quatro, on the other hand, knit up a lovely squishy headbands with no visible inc or decreases. Reminds me that, yet again, cheaper is not always better and that Wool Is THE BOMB. I did want something machine washable for these, but I'm happier with the finished product.

I am longing to return to Hanging Vines...regroup my efforts on my long-neglected Ribby...and really get somewhere on The Braids Cardigan. Let's throw in world peace while we're at it...and a different president. Ahem...okay, 'nuff of that.

Went to my work Christmas Party last was very pleasant, low key. "Social hour" with a funky bluegrass band, "Back From The Dead", very fun. Nice buffet dinner...a "Greedy Santa" game afterward. I hate that game, where you steal presents...but Jodie loves it and we came home with a cool snowman cookie jar.

It was entertaining in other respects too...Jodie is from The South and could be considered "old school butch." When we are out, she opens doors for me...pulls out my chair...helps me on and off with my coat...etc. It is who she is....and tho it was disconcerting to me at first, I LOVE IT. There were Some Looks last night as those things happened...surprised looks....snotty looks....envious was Very Interesting.

The only other festive thing on my calender is having good friends over this week...Jodie is making Gumbo..."what do you've never had gumbo?" Well, by Thursday, I will have had gumbo. ;-P

My sleep lab evaluation is tomorrow. I can't believe I'm saying this...but I hope they say I have sleep apnea and do something. I am SO DONE with being tired all the time....

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