Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Needles on Fire...

Actually, maybe that should be "elbow on fire..." since all this work and knitting is killing my arm!

Last night I finished the Cascade 220 hat and the Caron Simply Soft Irish Hiking Fingerless Mitts. Maybe I'll get pics before they get packed and shipped. Course, at the rate I'm'll see 'em in July. I have knitting pics that still haven't been developed in a couple of months. Sigh. I'm going to start taking more with the webcam...not great pics, but instant gratification.

I want to cast on for another Branching Out...and this pattern caught my attention yesterday, for a Finnish headband called a Panta. It is something a friend of mine would love. Not Christmas knitting mind you...uh, it's a little late fore that...but just because. I also tried one of the soap sacks from this pattern last week. I had Lion Brand Cotton...and thought, huh, well it's a little thicker than what they call for (I think it was Dale Stork)'ll do. No, actually it won't. Just enough thicker that is hurt to knit it with the needles called for and after only 2 or 3 rounds my wrists were screaming "stop...for the love of pete...stop!" So, when I get a little extra jingle in my pocket after the holidays, I'll get the weight of cotton specified. It was worth a try...but not worth the pain!

I also would like to make little knit sachet bags. Have you seen the ones in The Knitter's Bible? I saw some Bag 'n Trash knit up on her blog and I have the I want to try them too.We have six huge lavender plants in the front yard...that went completely to waste this year. When I cut them back for winter, I thought...geez. I could have had a ton of lavender if I'd gotten off my heinie... so I'm trying to plan ahead. I took kiddos to The Dollar Tree the other day to get something for their secret santa at school....and they had four bags to a pack of those little organza type bag with a ribbon drawstring so I picked up a pack. They would keep the lavender or whatever from coming out of the knit bag and geez...a quarter each? yeah, even I can afford that.


margene said...
Go to that link and do the stretches for arms and hands several times a day. Take breaks and don't get into pain. Icing you elbow might help, too. Take care!

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