Wednesday, December 28, 2005

In Knit Drive

I think I got so geared up to knit Christmas gifts...That I've turned the Knit Switch in my brain to permanent ON.

Last night, I bought a ball of Filatura Multicolor in this colorway to make a Branching Out...Which I promptly went home and cast on and made it through four repeats...Love the color in this yarn. It's a heavier weight than Kid Silk Haze and has a longer mohair "lash" or whatever it's called. I am truly sort of obsessed by it...I wanted to bring it to work on at breaks today...But forced myself to leave it home. Cause...You know...Ahem...The Pismo Hat for my bud who works on my computer is Not Done.

I worked on that a bit yesterday and realized, with tiny needles and a zillion and a half stitches, each row takes me about 10 minutes in K1P1 ribbing. I need about 20 more rows before I start the decreases...Argh. However, it is worth it...The hat is awesome. Just time consuming. So, I will make myself stick to it on breaks even tho the mohair calls longingly...

I also bought a skein of Dale Stork and now I see why it was chosen for the Bathing Beauties patterns...It is a whole different world than Lion Brand Cotton. Now, I love Lion Brand Cotton, I really do...But the Stork is sooooo soft, and probably half the weight as well considering it is a fingering weight and the LB Cotton is worsted!!! No wonder my hands were killing me trying to knit the LB Cotton at that gauge! Duh! I haven't cast on with it yet...The mohair seduced me first. Jodie works till 11:30 pm tonight tho....And I'll have a bit of time...

Don't know if I've mentioned that I picked up The Braids cardigan again and have gotten a few more rows in on it. When I put it down a couple of months ago, I carefully made sure to note which row I had just completed. So...I smugly picked it up and thought, I can just start right back in again...Not. I had to think a bit because I had noted what row of the cable part I was on...Not what part of the sweater row I was on..Two completely different things in this pattern! Took a good 15 minutes of careful inspection of pattern to sweater to figure it out, but then it was off and running. Unfortunately for my short attention span, it is like the Pismo Hat in that it has a lot of stitches per row, 272 to be precise and to someone with serious Knit ADD...That is a lot of stitches. I also can not work on this sweater while doing anything else, so no TV or much in-depth conversation...In fact, it is best worked on when I am alone, which in short supply with Christmas Break going on.

Lastly, we went and saw the Chronicles of Narnia Monday night as a family thing. So there was an age span in kids from 19 to 9. After the movie, I asked the 17yo and 19yo what they thought. Both said they had not been eager to see it...But were surprised at how much they liked it. The 9 and 11yo loved it...And so did Jodie and I. I've seen some unimpressed reviews and wasn't sure what to expect. Did they take liberties with the book? Frankly, I haven't read it in years so I can't tell you, but it was a fun movie. The best part? Tilda Swinton as the White Witch. She nailed that part...Awesome job.

So, now that Christmas is over....What are you knitting on? Still finishing Christmas stuff? Knitting for...Yourself?!? Tell me, I'm curious!

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