Friday, December 02, 2005

My Head's Not THAT Big

That was the expression on Jodie's face last night when she tried on her hat.

See....I tried to "fix" it. It came out okay, in fact, if you didn't know what the color pattern was SUPPOSED to look like, you'd think it was 'right fine.' But I was stressed it was too small. So, I dunked in a nice Eucalan bath and stretched it....a bit.

It's now that hat that ate Manhattan.'s superwash wool, I can't felt it down...what now? Re-dunk and hope it regains it's pre-humongous state? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Once I finished the hat....I worked on Hanging Vines. I'm almost afraid to tell you in case I jinx myself...but it's going great. I'm having a blast with it. The yarn (Mountain Colors Bearfoot) is soft and the color....well it makes my little heart beat fast I tell ya.

Isn't it amazing what color can do to us? Before knitting, if someone asked me my favorite color, it was a simple question with a pretty simple answer.'s a much bigger question. It makes my head heart sing....I saw some Fleece Artist while surfing blogs last night...and could feel my mouth starting to water...I hit The Fold again and soaked in the Socks That Rock colorways....

Guess I'm hooked. :) Good thing, I was scrounging around in the garage for size 5.0 DPNs...of which I found ONE, but that's another story argh....and through the stash...ahem. I have some yarn out there. know...just a little.

Have a lovely weekend....

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Elaine said...

I am amazingly good at knitting beautiful hats and being shocked at how well they don't fit the intended's head. I'm going to block some bigger this weekend, I'll think shrinkage thoughts at you while I'm pulling. I have one of those GIANT noggins, if I get them too large for BLING I just may get a new hat!