Monday, December 05, 2005

Making Up For Lost (knitting) Time

This pattern is the bomb....simple...quick...great results. I've made 1.75 pair over the weekend along with other knitting and I'm planning on making MORE!

Pics hopefully the meantime, the first pair was done with Cascade Quatro (color 9435) and the second (almost done pair) is in Lorna's Shepard Sock worsted in the Watercolor colorway...these are so soft and so yummy to just look at .... and I think they are gonna be MINE.

The only pic I have to offer today is of one of our kittens...named "Sahara" by Michelle (I am honored belive me). This is post-kitty mania...

Also about to hop on the needles are these hats - The Pismo Hat and His Hat, from Marnie MacLean...LOVE her stuff, tho a majority of it is not, ahem, suited to the fluffy.

Holidays are upon us...I find myself doing the mood swing dance....Things I love and things that make me wanna hide in bed till January 2nd. Tonight: Baking sugar cookies and decorating the tree whilst sipping hot cocoa.

It sounds nice, doesn't it? Part of me would still like to just eat all the cookies, swig something besides hot cocoa, and go straight to bed. But...I'm The along thoughts for not strangling children or kittens and actually enjoying my little piece of the holidays....

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