Thursday, December 01, 2005

Home Is Where My Heart Is...

I wanna be home. Knitting.

There was 7" of fresh snow on my car this morning...and it continues to come down hard.

I would love to be home....even tho school's closed and the children are there...knitting up a storm. Love my children, mind you....but the distraction factor in knitting with kids is pretty high for me. Again, my admiration for the Yarn Harlot deepens...a woman who can knit (incredibly too) with children AND consume Can I be a Yarn Harlot when I grow up?

The Chinese Tapestry Slip Stitch Hat....continues. has a boo-boo. Trying to knit while childen around me...under me...over me played with kittens (THREE kittens)...I got confused. Lost my place in the pattern. Unwilling to tink the slip stitch pattern...I said..."ok...let's start"

Uh, it was not the right spot. I continued on anyway. Now there is a boo boo in the color pattern. It's not HUGE and GLARING or anything...but it's not perfect. History has proven when something is not perfect, I tend to abandon it. (projects, not people. I LOVE imperfect people.
:-P). So now the challenge is to finish it, warts and all. I could try to rip it back, but I KNOW it would be messy...and I'd probably end up ripping back to the beginning and starting over...and I don' wanna.

So, I'm trying to just go with it.

But...I'm not home working on said hat, no. I'm at work. Being responsible. Earning pennies to pay the rent. Bummer.

Not a stitch on Hanging Vines last night. I knew I was too tense and distracted, especially after the boo boo on the hat happened. Jodie works till 11:30 pm tonight, so after kids go to bed (and hopefully kittens too) I'll pull it out. I'm also dying for some major time on The Braids Cardigan.

Time. I need more of it. Got any? Send your extras to me....


margene said...

Extras!? There is no such thing;-)

Stephanie said...

Send you my extra time? Are you out of your mind? It's December!
I've got problems of my own.