Thursday, December 15, 2005

Wouldn't You Like A Panta Too?

Shameless rip off of a post on Craftster...where one gal says the name (of the Finnish headband thing) "Panta" makes her think of the Fanta commercial...Fanta Fanta...don't you want a fanta?

I'm obsessed. Panta #1, out of Fisherman cream Wool Ease is 50+ % done, in three hours of HIGHLY INTERRUPTED knitting...If I can get that far between cooking dinner, helping with homework, riding children mercilessly about chores, driving teenager to and from friends house...anyone can do one of these pretty darn fast. This one at Kung Fu Knitting has me jazzed about using noro...tho hers is from now I'm planning a Noro Panta...a Manos Panta...not for me however. I have a high really really high forehead...then again, maybe it would camouflage the high forehead...hmm. Have to try one on to see I guess.

By the way, stay tuned to purlsb4swine...she might be pulling a name out of a cat for her contest...maybe she'll post pics. Marcia makes me laugh EVERY SINGLE TIME SHE POSTS, without fail. God bless her...I should probably send her a check for therapy.

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