Friday, December 09, 2005

I Don't Think I' Up For That....

So...I saw the postings for Secret Pal 7. My very first reaction was "I wanna do that!!"

Then reality intruded. I'm not good at it. I wish I was...but I'm not. I don't have the finances to send a lot or a lot of time to devote to it. The one I did, my pal was disappointed...she needed more attention than I could give. I did my best...and I thought I was holding up my end of the deal, but in the end she was disappointed and I ended up feeling bad. Not fun. I had a great "giver" pal...she was in Germany and sent me a big box of yummy wonders that I treasure. SP for me. And you know what? That's okay. I did it...I learned a lot about myself and how it works and it's just not for me...I'm okay with it.

I did not knit yesterday at all. Some "stuff" came up....I ended up in bed by 8 pm. The holidays are getting to issues are getting to me...sigh.

When I start on the slippery slope to depression, one of the first things I do is make a list of things I am grateful for. Gratitude is a good thing. Here's a partial list.....what are you grateful for? My list is in no particular order either, just as it pops into my head...
1. I have a good job.
2. My car runs.
3. I'm in love....and she loves me back.
4. I have good kids.
5. I have a roof over my head.
6. Knitting.
7. The sun shining on the snow.

That's about all I can come up with at this moment.'s a start.


purlewe said...

And I ahve always been one of those people who is a giver and who never gets. I've given u on those things. I get tempted though. really tempted. but the last time I got was when the SP asked me spedifically what colors I liked and I said "I love greens and purples. DO NOT GET ME ANYTHING PINK. I hate PINK." and I got a nice made handsewn pink bag. ugh.

I like the lady madonna. And I also like your list of things to be grateful for. it is sometimes so easy to get in our heads with that tape loop saying bad things in our ears. I hope you are feeling better tonite and can knit some.

Ryan said...

Add to your list your online friends!!! We heart you!

margene said...

Blog pals do come through when you need them. Sun on snow is one of my favorite things. A big hug is also one of my favorite things.


Knitti-me said...

I'm going to give SP 7 a try. I participated in three SP's and then took a break. My first SP was wonderful, then I had two duds. The people I gave to were duds - they never really acknowledged anything - but I'm a sucker for this kind of thing and I'm giving it one more try.

If I just had your address, I'd spoil you Honey.

Hope you can claw you way up before you fall too low.


Elaine said...

We heart you big time! More for your list: you look awesome in your dancing gear, you have an interesting job, you have a cool knit-blog.

Hugs from me!