Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Back To Reality...

I'm okay. Really, I am. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such kind comments last week....I was on the edge. I'm better. Thank you, really.

I finished all my Christmas knitting but for the coworker Panta, which still isn't finished! Christmas Eve I knit my daughter Kayla's second mitt, sewed them both up and sewed up Michael's mitts. The day before I had finished Michelle's fun fur scarf and wove the ends. So, everyone in my little family got a handknit gift. That felt really, really good.

And, I got knitting books for Christmas! The new Sally Melville, Book 3 of her series which focuses on color; the 2006 Pattern-a-day calendar; a Leisure Arts book that is a compilation of many of their knit books, and ahem - a book I don't remember the name of. The unremembered book...that is sort of a funny story. Jodie and I were at Costco looking at books. She oh-so-casually pointed out the Leisure Arts book and this other book. I said, "hmm, this one (the LA) is okay...but I don't like anything in that one!" Well, she had already purchased and wrapped them! I looked through it twice Christmas day...and frankly still didn't see anything I loved. I'll keep it for awhile, check again and if it doesn't spark some interest, pass it along to my daughter Mary....who is knitting!

Mary asked for some help knitting last week. She learned from me when I taught myself to knit, but just "dinked" around with it, didn't make anything. Over Christmas Eve/Christmas Day she made a pair of 2x2 rib gauntlets and she is off and running! I got her the first Stitch N Bitch book for Christmas, and she loves it. That book really doesn't do a thing for me personally...but at 19, Mary loves the projects. The book and four skeins of WoolEase....that was my knit present to her. She spent the rest of Christmas day alternating between knitting and poring over my knit book collection as well as her new book.

I hope she keeps on knitting.....Knitting has brought me so much...including incredible women on the web. Y'all rock.

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Ryan said...

Don't forget, dear Lisa, the technology that brought us to you, brought you to us!!

Happy New Year!